The UFC Toronto And The Ultimate Fighter

The UFC Toronto stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. It takes place in a ring called, “the octagon.” Inside the octagon are the two competitors, or fighters, and one referee. The referee ensures the rules of the fight are not broken, and if they are, the referee may give out penalties, such as, point deductions. In non title fights, there are three 5 minute rounds. Title fights have five 5 minute rounds.

The fighters can win the match a few different ways, for example, knockouts and submissions are among the favorite finishes for most fans. Then there are wins by referee stoppage, disqualification for illegal attacks and TKO (Technical Knockout). The least favorite way to end the fight for most of the fans, would most likely be, going to the judges cards.

There are 3 judges for every fight. These judges score the fighters by aggression, ring control and fighting technique. A fighter can score a max of 10 points per round, whichever fighter has the most points at the end of the fight, is declared the winner. For fighters, it is never good to leave it in the hands of the judges, because anything can happen at that point. Many fighters have looked like they dominated the entire fight, but lost when it came down to the judges cards.

Point deductions and disqualifications can occur if a fighter performs any illegal actions during the fight. Some of these actions include, head butting, eye gouging of any kind, biting, hair pulling, groin attacks, clawing or gouging, and striking the head or spine with a downward elbow. These attacks put the fighters at risk for permanent damage, therefor may not be done.

The growing popularity of the UFC has spawned a television reality show called, The Ultimate Fighter. This show has changed formats over the past few years, but the way this competition works is, fighters from all over, come together to compete against each other for a contract to fight professionally with the UFC.

In this competition, there are 2 teams, each team has a professional UFC fighter as their coach. The competitors live together in a house for six weeks with no televisions and no telephones. Their only job, is to train, learn from their coaches, and work as hard as they can, to become the next ultimate fighter, and win the UFC contract.

During this six weeks, the fighters are matched up for two 5 minute rounds. Whichever fighter loses the fight, is eliminated from the competition and is no longer eligible for the contract. However, there have been a few cases, where a fighter has been eliminated, but then had the rare opportunity to come back and try again.

Once the elimination comes down to the final two competitors, each fighter goes home to train with their own team, then comes back to fight live in front of thousands of eager fans in the UFC 129 Toronto main event. The winner of this final fight, receives the UFC contract, and a chance to show the whole world, what he brings to the table, in the world of mixed martial arts.