Flying a Fighter Plane Without a Pilot’s License? Believe it Or Not, Now You Can

If someone told you that you could pilot a real military fighter plane without even possessing a pilot’s license, you might think that you were being targeted for a scam. Yet, believe it or not, the chance to pilot a high performance fighter plane without possessing previous flight training actually exists, but only when you contact an aviation adventure company. A collection of companies that specialize in offering “flight adventures” to the general public, the aviation adventure industry offers people the chance to perform air show maneuvers and engage in simulated air-to-air combat while an experienced military fighter pilot serves as their copilot. With the planes’ dual control system, the fighter pilot can control the aircraft whenever necessary.

Adventure flights are excellent opportunities for thrill seekers, military buffs and aircraft enthusiasts. Are you looking for an adventure that exceeds skydiving, the opportunity to feel the thrill of battling it out with enemy aircraft, or the chance to perform aerobatic flight maneuvers like the ones that you see in air shows? If so, you’re in luck. The aviation adventure industry offers a variety of flight packages that can be specified to make your dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking for an adventure that’s wild, mild, aerobatic, tactical, or a mixture of both, the pilots in the aviation adventure industry are there to make it happen.

Some companies in the aviation adventure industry focus on adventure flights, while others draw 50 percent of their business from adventure flights and the other half from providing advanced flight training to professional pilots, including instrument recovery training, advanced upset recovery training and aerobatic flight training. What this means for those who are interested in flight adventures is that they have the opportunity to fly with a pilot who specializes in training airline pilots, transport pilots and even upcoming fighter pilots in the most advanced, up to date air safety procedures. Therefore, while flying in a high performance fighter plane and performing such maneuvers as loops, hammerheads, Cuban eights, tail slides, high speed low altitude flybys torque rolls, accelerated flat spins, outside loops, inverted spins, tumbles, lomcevaks and knife-edge spins and other might seem dangerous, it can actually be rather safe.

If you’d love to take the adventure flight of a lifetime but are wondering how much you’ll spend, the industry’s single flight packages usually begin at less than $500, while multi-day, multi-flight packages rarely exceed $3,900. Considering the cost of aircraft maintenance, fuel and pilot earnings, what might sound like a lot of money is actually a good deal, especially considering that piloting a real fighter plane is an adventure unlike any other.

If you’re having trouble picking a flight package for you or a loved one, you can also purchase gift certificates that can be redeemed within a year of purchase. Unlike other adventures, flight adventures offer you the unique opportunity to do something that was once only available to professional pilots, and extremely well trained pilots at that. To experience what you’ve been missing, why not contact the aviation adventure industry today.

Learn Ninjutsu – How a Ninja Would Beat an MMA Fighter

Did you ever wonder how a ninja would beat a mixed martial arts fighter? It seems that I get this question almost as often as get the “how do I become a ninja” inquiry. And, while I’d like to answer this question easily, there isn’t really an easy answer. In fact, the problem lies more in the question than there being a best answer for it.

What I mean by this is that, when it comes to mixed martial arts and ninjutsu – the martial art of Japan’s ancient ninja warriors – we’re not talking about the difference between apples and oranges here – it’s more like apples…and automobiles!

The fact is that, Ninja are not fighters in the same way that mma competitors are. This would be like asking how an army special forces soldier would beat an mma fighter. Top this with the fact that the Ninja were guerrilla fighters – much like special forces operatives – and you can begin to see the difference.

My short answer, for the purpose of this article is this…

A ninja would beat an mma fighter by, first, not getting in the ring with him! Ninja use their skills for self-protection and for the protection of higher ideals. They do not use them for the purpose of winning fame, titles, glory, or money.

In fact, all of these things contradict the ninja’s need to produce results without being detected.

So, the assumption that a ninja would have to defeat a mixed martial arts fighter in the first place, begins within the context of the ninja being attacked in a street self defense scenario by someone trained in mixed martial arts. And to answer that, all I have to say is…

You know those rules that are no-no’s for mma fighters who train to avoid doing certain things in the ring? You know…

  • No eye-gouging
  • No attacks to the groin
  • No strikes to the back of the head or the spine
  • No head butts
  • No strikes or grabs to the throat
  • No manipulation of the fingers and toes
  • No knees to the head of a grounded opponent
  • and many more…

The ninja starts with those and goes from there. Some people would say that this isn’t fair. But then “fair” doesn’t belong in a self defense situation. It already wasn’t fair when the attacker (mma fighter or not) chose someone who was minding his or her own business in the first place.

The ninja’s goal is in winning with the least amount of effort and wear-and-tear possible.

And, he is gone before anyone knows that he was responsible for the broken attacker lying on the street!

MMA News Website Includes Mixed Martial Arts Clothing Line for Combat Fighters and Fans

MMA News

Sources have reported that mixed martial arts is now the fastest growing sport in the world resulting in a MMA clothing boom. MMA fighters and fans have flocked to online and brick and mortar businesses to acquire their apparel and fight gear.

MMA clothing styles are a staple in society and readily visible while just shopping in a store or going about your daily errands. The trend has spread from MMA apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats to fight gear and all kinds of accessories including gym bags, shoes, coffee cups, mousepads and more.

Mixed Martial Arts

Power, Endurance, Speed and Technique, the four attributes of a great mixed martial artist, are especially needed by today’s warriors because of the fierce competition. Every fighter is looking for an edge.

These four attributes are consistently mentioned by the fight commentators, in sports magazines and by the combat fighters themselves.

Occasionally a mixed martial artist is so overwhelming with one of the attributes that they win on just two skills. Usually, when winning this way, they have some or all of the other attributes but don’t have to use them very much. Good examples are sometime found in the heavyweight division where the power of the punch can carry the day with some technique to carry out the plan.

Vice-versa, technique with one of the other attributes has resulted in several victories. However, the skill set of today’s mixed martial artist is so varied and increasing all the time that usually all four attributes are needed to insure a better chance of success. Many combat fighters are so evenly matched in their Power, Speed and Technique that the one who has the best Endurance wins the match.


When watching your MMA news on video or TV notice when a combat fighter, who may have a slight edge, drops their hands from exhaustion. The warrior with better Endurance usually wins a contest when this happens.

The major combat fighting skills of a modern mixed martial artist usually includes most or all of the following disciplines.

  • Boxing
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Muay Thai
  • Wrestling

The mixed martial arts world is exciting and ever evolving with fights broadcast in over one hundred countries. Whether you like to keep up with MMA news and events, do a study of your favorite combat fighters, see who is in the UFC Hall of Fame or check out a cool MMA clothing line it’s all in a simple online search.