How to Thank the Local Fire Fighters Who Saved Your Home or Business

The California Wildfires of 2007 took out over 1,000 structures, but the fast acting and professional fire fighters saved the rest. How does one thank the fire fighters that saved their business, home or life’s work? Well, the Online Think Tank sat down and discussed this and our recommendation is to buy a $500 Starbucks card for your local fire department to use.

Often, as I travel the country, I see emergency personnel at Starbucks, answering questions of the public, smiling and just being great public servants. Yes, I’d say that buying a Starbucks Card for our Fire Fighters sends the right message to them, that we care. The number of fire fighter injuries during this fire season in California has been very high, and yes we have had some deaths too.

There is not much you can say when you learn that your home, business and life’s work has been sparred thanks to the fire fighters, high-tech equipment and the strength and honor and personal character that goes with that job. It is like a weight of stress has been lifted off your shoulders. Thank you all.

For those who have lost everything, but still have their family, we understand how devastating this can be and the questions that later come; “why me?” and the anger, pain, sorrow and strength of character that adversity will build in your life. Our fire fighters did the best they could, many were injured and a few died trying. The least we can all do is to thank our team for going beyond the call of duty, when they were called to serve in our time of need. Thanks again, sincerely, Lance.