How the Foo Fighters Band Was Formed

Dave Grohl started his musical career, when he was a teenager, he wrote songs and played guitar. He also performed, with other popular hardcore punk groups. He joined a popular band in the 80s, known as hardcore band scream and became the drummer of the band. In his final days, as a drummer in hardcore band scream, he started to write his own material at the basement studio of his close friend Barrett Jones. Some of the songs, which Grohl wrote were featured on the hardcore band scream last album. After hardcore band scream tour in 1990, Dave Grohl decided to quit from the band and joined Nirvana. This forced Grohl to shift to Seattle.

Grohl decided to go back to D.C, after Nirvana produced and recorded “Never mind”. He went to D.C and recorded a few singles, which were featured on Pocket watch, a cassette which was released by simple machines. In 1992, Grohl was very busy with Nirvana but when the group was not performing or recording any songs, he used to record his own songs with Jones. They recorded a few songs until 1993, when Grohl decided to go back to Nirvana band. He was planning to release another independent cassette in 1993, but he was not successful. After the death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl decided to be silent.

After a few months, Grohl and Jones recorded an album, which became Foo fighter’s debut album. On the album, Grohl played all the instruments. He produced more than eight copies of the tape and gave out the tapes to friends. Instead of Grohl, moving on as a solo artist, he formed a band. The band was called Foo fighters. It was established after World War II. After the band was formed, they signed a record deal with Capitol records. Foo Fighters released their debut album in 1995 and became successful in United States.

In 1996, the band toured extensively, to support the album. Towards the end of 1996, the band went back to studio and recorded their second album. Foo Fighters band worked with a good producer known as Gil Norton.

When they were recording their second album, the band suffered a huge blow after William Goldsmith, decided to leave the group. William left the group because of creative tension, within the band and this made Grohl, to play drums in all the songs. Before, Foo Fighters band, released their second album in 1997, the band replaced William with Taylor Hawkins. Despite Foo fighters being successful in the 90s, the band members were facing a lot of challenges, like when the band released their first album they were criticized because of coping heavily, the music style of Nirvana band.