Be a Fighter Pilot (Top Secret)

There are many factors that go into becoming a massively successful real estate investor, and there is one profession in particular that I believe offers an appropriate comparison to the overall skills you need to have in this business, albeit on a slightly different playing field. This comparable profession is a Fighter Pilot. Think about it, Fighter Pilots are the absolute best at what they do. They must go through rigorous tests and training before they “get their wings” so to speak. Not everyone who sets out to become a Fighter Pilot reaches their goal, and that’s because it takes a certain individual to overcome the challenges, and develop the skills required before the government hands over the keys to a multi-million dollar aircraft.

Here is a brief list of some of the skills I think can be shared between a Fighter Pilot and a Real Estate Investor:

o Desire to be the best at what they do
o Willingness to work hard under all circumstances
o Ability to handle pressure very well
o Ability to think and make decisions very quickly
o A love for speed and results
o Having a very strong understanding of the business/aircraft that they are operating.
o Commitment to their business/country
o Always striving to make their skills better
o Have trust in their mentor/wingman
o Display a very high level of confidence in themselves

Obviously this is not all of the comparisons that could be made between a Fighter Pilot and a Real Estate Investor. In fact there are probably hundreds of comparisons that could be made. It is fun though, isn’t it? If you can think of any more then be sure to post your comments in this blog.

Here is one more thing to consider when you compare yourself as a real estate investor to that of a Fighter Pilot. Your workspace (your desk/office/etc) should be very structured and organized, similar to that of the Fighter Pilot’s cockpit that they fly in. What I mean by that is this: When you are working at your desk, in order to be most efficient, and effective without loss of momentum and concentration you need to have everything near you so that you can work quickly. You should know where everything is that helps you work effectively and it should all be within short reach of your chair. When you are in your cockpit you should become focused on accomplishing your goals and tasks for the day. Prioritize your mission for each day and work down the list from most important to least important. You should always be focusing the most effort on the deal that is closes to cash and getting you paid. Always keep this and other deals similar to this on your radar screen.