How to Thank the Local Fire Fighters Who Saved Your Home or Business

The California Wildfires of 2007 took out over 1,000 structures, but the fast acting and professional fire fighters saved the rest. How does one thank the fire fighters that saved their business, home or life’s work? Well, the Online Think Tank sat down and discussed this and our recommendation is to buy a $500 Starbucks card for your local fire department to use.

Often, as I travel the country, I see emergency personnel at Starbucks, answering questions of the public, smiling and just being great public servants. Yes, I’d say that buying a Starbucks Card for our Fire Fighters sends the right message to them, that we care. The number of fire fighter injuries during this fire season in California has been very high, and yes we have had some deaths too.

There is not much you can say when you learn that your home, business and life’s work has been sparred thanks to the fire fighters, high-tech equipment and the strength and honor and personal character that goes with that job. It is like a weight of stress has been lifted off your shoulders. Thank you all.

For those who have lost everything, but still have their family, we understand how devastating this can be and the questions that later come; “why me?” and the anger, pain, sorrow and strength of character that adversity will build in your life. Our fire fighters did the best they could, many were injured and a few died trying. The least we can all do is to thank our team for going beyond the call of duty, when they were called to serve in our time of need. Thanks again, sincerely, Lance.

Why BJJ Is So Important to MMA Fighters

BJJ is the acronym for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the martial art derivate from the original Jiu Jitsu from Japan. It grew in popularity in the mid 90’s with the Gracie Family and the first editions of UFC when MMA legend Royce Gracie won all his fights by submission showing the world the power and effectiveness of BJJ.

Since then a lot has changed in the mixed martial arts world, it went from being called “vale-tudo” to the well known MMA, UFC was bought from the Gracie Family by Dana White who transformed it into a multi-billion dollar business. The spotlight went from America to Japan, hence the Pride years, and back to America again. Gone are the days that so called street fighters had chance of winning a UFC fight, who doesn’t remember Tank Abbot?

What hasn’t changed is the need for a top MMA fighter to have good ground work and the best way to obtain that is still through BJJ. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can give the edge an MMA fighter needs to win a bout at any moment through a variety of submissions that range from simple arm bars to more complex triangle chokes and leg locks.

The best MMA fighters are the most complete, those that have powerful striking abilities, fast footwork, huge stamina levels and off course are good on the ground. Why the emphasis on ground work?

For the simple fact that most MMA fights end up going to the ground, being on top fighters can cane their opponent with punches, kicks and so on. To dominate an opponent on the ground a fighter will need to know grappling techniques that can be learned with BJJ training in special the no GI training sessions, also known as submission.

But BJJ is also good when a fighter is underneath their opponents, BJJ specialists can reverse the situation easily or simply attack from the guard position which is by far the preferred attack position of a BJJ specialist.

Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fights starts with both opponents standing up, BJJ fighters have also a wide range of takedowns up their sleeves, needless to say what a well applied takedown can do to an opponent.

Where to get top BJJ Training?

Years ago the best place to get top notch BJJ training would be in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, home of the legendary Gracie Family and the Grand Master Helio, who died in January 2009. Helio together with his brother Carlos Gracie created art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, internationally know as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Nowadays with so many high quality BJJ professors around the globe you can get top notch training in the four corners of the world. There are renowned world champions in Europe, America, UK, Australia and even in Abu Dhabi where one of the most important tournaments of the BJJ season is held.

To sum things up a good BJJ professor won’t be shy to his credentials and titles. So avoid those ones that say they’ve done this and that but have no evidence to prove it. Talking is cheap, remember?

But if you have the time and money to do it, I recommend you spend a couple of months in Brazil training with the best BJJ fighters on the planet.

Nowadays most of the gyms providing MMA training offer complete training sessions that includes stand-up and ground training. The most important thing to remember is to train safely and always make use of MMA equipment.

Seven Key Business Lessons I Learned From the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Fight

It was billed as the greatest fight of this century. It was a record breaking payday for both fighters. Floyd Mayweather said he wanted to be the first boxer every to make $100 million dollars in one fight. He did and he helped his opponent make it too. Mayweather has produced some of the biggest pay per view events in history. This was the biggest.

The fight itself was boring Mayweather did what he does best, Philly shoulder roll, stiff jabs, right cross, and he take away the opponents angles. Pacquiao was out smarted and out boxed. Later reports says he had an injured shoulder and that probably explains why he never could throw his right hook. Mayweather controlled the tempo and the match.

Mayweather is now 48-0 with one more fight left on his contract with Showtime. Pacquiao will probably fade and will be known as one of the best fighters in this era. The fight is the fight. But the lessons I learned came from the business side of boxing.

The Big Payday

It took six years, $400 million dollars, drug testing, lawsuits, harsh comments, and bad blood to pull off the biggest jackpot in history. According to Floyd Mayweather will take home an estimate $180 million dollars.

Pacquiao will take $120 million because of the 60/40 split. Ticket sales were estimated at $75 million. Pay per view estimates are $300 million. Not to mention all the endorsements that were going on during the event. Even the undercard fighters got paid.

Here Are Seven Key Lessons I Learned From This Fight

Lesson One -You Don’t Have to Be #1 in Business to Win

Manny Pacquiao lost the match but he won in business. He will take home $120 million dollars for this fight. Remember it took 6 years to bring this event to the world. Both fighters went through personal setbacks but in the end they cashed in. They both won the money game.

In business, unlike sports, you don’t have to be #1 to win. You don’t need to win a Superbowl, National Championship, or World Title. All you need to do is find your niche, service your customers, and stay ahead of the trends. Remember Avis Rent-a-Cars commercials where their marketing campaigns expressed that they were #2. “We are #2! We are #2!” Hertz was #1 at that time but Avis still made money.

When I walk down main street in my neighborhood there are 11 dentist offices on that street within a 5 block radius. 8 of those 11 dentists have been in business for over 20 years. This proves you can thrive with the competition around you. Each office has carved out their niche. This is how you succeed.

This is true in your business as well. You don’t have to be the #1 affiliate, real estate agent, insurance agent, or broker. Your job is to be outstanding in your business. Be outstanding and you will hit your goals. 20% of the people make 80% of the money. Be in the top 20%.

Lesson Two – Both Fighters Found Their Passion

Both fighters found their passion in boxing. Floyd started boxing at 14 with the help of his father and uncle who were ex professional fighters. Manny was homeless and wanted a way to stay off the streets. Both will go down in history as the greatest fighters in this era. I see new affiliates, home business owners, independent contractors, and employees who don’t work in their passion.

People pick the wrong business, they jump ship, and are always starting over. Entertainers and athletes excel in their professions because they bring passion everyday. Those who don’t bomb out, quit, or retire.

Passion is what will drive you when you are ready to give up. Passion helps you fall in-like with your day job while you build your business. Passion keeps you learning and hungry for more education. Passion is why you practice your skills.

It took Mayweather 24 years to hit is payday of $180 million dollars. How many people would have quit long before that? Passion!

Lesson Three – Mastering Their Craft

Studies show that it takes about 10,000 hours or 7 years to master a skill. These boxers have been boxing for years. They studied their craft, honed their skills, and hired people to make them better. When you master your skills, talents, and strengths other opportunities open up for you. Athletes get endorsement deals, movie roles, and become commentators. Entertainers become producers, directors, and set up their own production companies.

My passion is writing, speaking, and conveying a message to inspire people. This has lead me to produce several different income streams. Mastering your craft opens other avenues for you to take while keeping your core strengths working. Floyd and Manny mastered their craft to the point it produced a $400 million dollar event.

Lesson Four – Outstanding Work Ethic

Rick Pitino, told Sports Illustrated that he never saw a man train like Mayweather did at his age. He wished his ball players could see Floyd’s work ethic. He proved it in the ring as he ran circles around Pacquiao. Both fighters are known for their outstanding work ethic.

Manny went from earning $2.00 from his first fight to $120 million for this one. That doesn’t just happen. It didn’t happen over night. He had to have 57 matches to get here. Your work ethic will determine your success.

I had to develop my work ethic. It’s a habit I had to cultivate. I still struggle going the extra mile sometimes. Success is a long, grinding, arduous road that you must take. This is how you test your mettle. Professionals spend years training and getting better. They persist and preserver. It’s how the game is played.

Will it take years for you to reach the top? I don’t know. I do know you will not make it without an outstanding work ethic. It will take time and energy. Time will pass anyway. Might as well develop an outstanding work ethic.

Lesson Five – These Things Take Time (TTTT)

Athletes spend hours training everyday. Olympians spend years training for a two week event. Doctors and lawyers spend years in school. Yet most new business owners quit after the first setback. Most don’t even last 90 days let alone a year.

Successful people have a long term thinking approach to their business. Yet they are open to go in different directions if that’s what the market dictates. It took six years for this fight to happen and the public demanded it. Will you take the time to develop your skills, talents, and strengths? There are no short cuts. Even lotto winners have to wait months to receive their jackpot earnings.

Lesson Six – Team Theme

Sports Illustrated listed the names and pictures of both fighters boxing camps, the people behind the two best in the world. Even though they would be one on one in the ring it took an army to get them there. Plus the team got paid also. The sparring partners were paid, the security personnel, publicist, and etc. All were paid.

Do you have a team in place to help you win? It took me three years to find my current partners. I asked around to find my tax guy, my insurance guy, and my mentors. People will come and go. Some only for a moment and others stick like glue. No one succeeds alone. Professionals have coaches and assistants. They have a team.

You can’t do everything by yourself. At first you are a one person army. But as you grow and expand it will be time to Delegate, Defer, and Delete. There are people who are better at the mundane stuff than you and are happy to do it. Look for ways to outsource.

Add people to your team who will help you grow. Choose people who have the capacity to take your business to the next level. Find other successful entrepreneurs and see how they run their businesses.

Lesson Seven – A Burning Desire

Both boxers said they wanted this fight to happen. Mayweather said he wanted to be the first boxer to earn $100 million dollars in one match. He did it! He even showed his check to the sports commentators. A burning desire led both of these men to boxing business history.

Their burning desire has lead to endorsements, their own promotions, separate businesses, and one again the biggest payday in history. Your burning desire will change your community, your business, and your family. My purpose is to help families create wealth through entrepreneurship, real estate, and rescuing them from debt.

What is your burning desire? How does your passion fit in with your definite purpose. Will you build a team to help you get to your end result? How long with you practice mastering your craft? When will you put your skills, talents and strengths to use.


These are the Seven Key lessons I learned from the Mayweather vs. It’s a habit I had to cultivate. fight. Was it a disappointment? Maybe? But for two fighters who are considered the best of their era, they accomplished what no other athletes can claim. The biggest payday in sports history. Take these lessons and apply them to your business.