Learn Ninjutsu – How a Ninja Would Beat an MMA Fighter

Did you ever wonder how a ninja would beat a mixed martial arts fighter? It seems that I get this question almost as often as get the “how do I become a ninja” inquiry. And, while I’d like to answer this question easily, there isn’t really an easy answer. In fact, the problem lies more in the question than there being a best answer for it.

What I mean by this is that, when it comes to mixed martial arts and ninjutsu – the martial art of Japan’s ancient ninja warriors – we’re not talking about the difference between apples and oranges here – it’s more like apples…and automobiles!

The fact is that, Ninja are not fighters in the same way that mma competitors are. This would be like asking how an army special forces soldier would beat an mma fighter. Top this with the fact that the Ninja were guerrilla fighters – much like special forces operatives – and you can begin to see the difference.

My short answer, for the purpose of this article is this…

A ninja would beat an mma fighter by, first, not getting in the ring with him! Ninja use their skills for self-protection and for the protection of higher ideals. They do not use them for the purpose of winning fame, titles, glory, or money.

In fact, all of these things contradict the ninja’s need to produce results without being detected.

So, the assumption that a ninja would have to defeat a mixed martial arts fighter in the first place, begins within the context of the ninja being attacked in a street self defense scenario by someone trained in mixed martial arts. And to answer that, all I have to say is…

You know those rules that are no-no’s for mma fighters who train to avoid doing certain things in the ring? You know…

  • No eye-gouging
  • No attacks to the groin
  • No strikes to the back of the head or the spine
  • No head butts
  • No strikes or grabs to the throat
  • No manipulation of the fingers and toes
  • No knees to the head of a grounded opponent
  • and many more…

The ninja starts with those and goes from there. Some people would say that this isn’t fair. But then “fair” doesn’t belong in a self defense situation. It already wasn’t fair when the attacker (mma fighter or not) chose someone who was minding his or her own business in the first place.

The ninja’s goal is in winning with the least amount of effort and wear-and-tear possible.

And, he is gone before anyone knows that he was responsible for the broken attacker lying on the street!

MMA News Website Includes Mixed Martial Arts Clothing Line for Combat Fighters and Fans

MMA News

Sources have reported that mixed martial arts is now the fastest growing sport in the world resulting in a MMA clothing boom. MMA fighters and fans have flocked to online and brick and mortar businesses to acquire their apparel and fight gear.

MMA clothing styles are a staple in society and readily visible while just shopping in a store or going about your daily errands. The trend has spread from MMA apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats to fight gear and all kinds of accessories including gym bags, shoes, coffee cups, mousepads and more.

Mixed Martial Arts

Power, Endurance, Speed and Technique, the four attributes of a great mixed martial artist, are especially needed by today’s warriors because of the fierce competition. Every fighter is looking for an edge.

These four attributes are consistently mentioned by the fight commentators, in sports magazines and by the combat fighters themselves.

Occasionally a mixed martial artist is so overwhelming with one of the attributes that they win on just two skills. Usually, when winning this way, they have some or all of the other attributes but don’t have to use them very much. Good examples are sometime found in the heavyweight division where the power of the punch can carry the day with some technique to carry out the plan.

Vice-versa, technique with one of the other attributes has resulted in several victories. However, the skill set of today’s mixed martial artist is so varied and increasing all the time that usually all four attributes are needed to insure a better chance of success. Many combat fighters are so evenly matched in their Power, Speed and Technique that the one who has the best Endurance wins the match.


When watching your MMA news on video or TV notice when a combat fighter, who may have a slight edge, drops their hands from exhaustion. The warrior with better Endurance usually wins a contest when this happens.

The major combat fighting skills of a modern mixed martial artist usually includes most or all of the following disciplines.

  • Boxing
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Muay Thai
  • Wrestling

The mixed martial arts world is exciting and ever evolving with fights broadcast in over one hundred countries. Whether you like to keep up with MMA news and events, do a study of your favorite combat fighters, see who is in the UFC Hall of Fame or check out a cool MMA clothing line it’s all in a simple online search.

That New Russian Fighter Plane Design Sure Looks Familiar!

The Russians now have a new fighter plane to compete with the United States’ F-22 Raptor, and the Russia Stealth Aircraft also a fifth generation fighter plane looks like the real thing, or is it Memorex? Indeed, the newest fighter aircraft design from Russia looks awfully similar to one of the America versions of the stealth fighter which competed for the JSF Contract.

Many folks marvel at the Russian aerospace designs and rocket technology, and yet, when looking closer things look eerily familiar, specifically many appear to be outright copies of US aerospace designs. This is well-known by military analysts. Indeed, not long ago, I met a post cold war US-Russian scholar, and I just had to ask him about all this. His name is Jesse Giraldo, perhaps you’ve heard of him.

Here is the question I asked Mr. Giraldo; “Are you concerned with the new Stealth Fighter copy of Northrop’s JSF design bid entry into the Joint-Strike-Fighter fly-off, in Russia; ” and here is what he had to say about the whole thing;

Not at all. In fact I find it a bit humorous that this stealth fighter was built in direct response the Air Forces F-22 raptor. It’s juvenile but it honestly just sounds like Putin needed a new 5th generation fighter jet to “one up the west”. I suppose it is crucial to remind the world that Russia is still capable of challenging the U.S in terms of military but I really doubt the jet lives up to the fanfare. The claims he’s making of improved maneuverability and performance at 1/3 of the cost also strikes me as dubious. Of course I doubt the Russian military will be releasing any technical data to backup any of these grandiose statements so all anyone can really do right now is speculate.

Indeed in my opinion, I do agree with Giraldo, and believe the design is good with thrust vectoring, but I question the small vertical (angled) stabilizers, and flutter challenges, we will see. Of course, it is a copy of the Northrop design. You know the Russians seem to have made a version of almost every major aerospace design the US has ever come up with, including their version of our Space Shuttle, B-1, etc. Giraldo agreed stating; “Russia seems to take great pleasure in reverse engineering our creations.”

Yes, and the cold war was really all about “our Germans vs. their Germans,” as all those scientists in NAZI Germany either went to Russia or came here. Well, at least they seem to enjoy each other’s company in the Space Efforts? I’ve been at least a little impressed with Russian innovation over the years, considering they don’t have as much to work with as our abundance and wealth here provides. It’s just too bad their spies are busy stealing all of our technology. And let’s not even talk about the Chinese and their intellectual property thievery. Please consider all this.