For the Ultimate Aerobatic Or Fighter Plane Experience, Visit the Aviation Adventure Industry

Of all of the adventures that people can pursue, piloting an airplane is probably the most exclusive. To begin with, flying an airplane means that you’ll have to invest a reasonable amount of time and money to attain your pilot’s license. Then there’s the cost of buying your own airplane or renting one every time you want fly. In addition, you should also invest in advanced air safety courses to be ready for any unexpected situation that comes your way. Add these three things together and you’re looking at multiple thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent pursuing the adventure of personal flight. Perhaps you have the time but not the money to pilot an airplane, or perhaps you have the money but not the time. In either case, there’s no reason to let your dreams of piloting an airplane go by the wayside; not when the aviation adventure industry offers you the ultimate fighter plane experience without even requiring you to possess a pilot’s license.

How is this possible? Companies in the aviation adventure industry draw almost 50 percent of their business from offering flight adventures to members of the general public who don’t possess a pilot’s license. After choosing from a range of customizable flight packages, clients of the aviation adventure industry receive accelerated ground training in flight maneuvers and air safety and then take to the sky with an experienced military fighter pilot riding along as their copilot. Since the planes are equipped with dual controls, the fighter pilot can assume control of the aircraft whenever necessary. What this means is that you can focus on having the adventure of a lifetime without worrying about your safe return to the runway.

Most aviation adventure companies offer two basic kinds of flight adventures: Aerobatic flight and simulated air-to-air combat. A good example of aerobatic flight is the kind of flight that you see in air shows. Flying in an Extra 300L, a high performance aircraft that is regularly used in air shows, you’ll perform a variety of gravity defying, pulse pounding maneuvers that constitute the ultimate adrenaline rush. If you choose a fighter plane experience package, you’ll also be performing some awesome maneuvers, but the main focus will be on simulating every aspect of classic air-to-air combat, even to the point of aiming a real gun sight at enemy aircraft and firing simulated bullets to the sound of machine gun fire. There are several kinds of aerobatic and air combat flight packages to choose from, any of which can be customized to meet your needs.

Aviation adventure packages typically start at less than $500 for one-day flight adventures. But you can also purchase multi-day flight packages that include a little bit of everything for less than $3,900. At first glance, this might seem like a lot of money to invest in a leisure activity. But when you consider that the cost of the average family vacation is around $2,000.00, treating yourself or someone special to the ultimate aerobatic or fighter plane experience doesn’t seem so out of the question. And when you consider the total time and money that goes into piloting an airplane, the flight packages offered by the aviation adventure industry seem like a better deal still.

Worlds Ten Best Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Fighters

There’s no better way to stick your neck out that coming up with a top 10 “anything” list. It just gets worse when you talk about combat sports like boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts. However, here it is, my top 10 list of heavyweight MMA fighters on the planet.

I need to tell you that when I decided to write down my top 10 list, I didn’t think it would take too long. I believed that I could easily pick 10 fighters that were heads and shoulders above the pack. It wasn’t that easy. I’m sure that there will be a lot of people who disagree with my picks, but isn’t that the point, to start a discussion of who’s the best and who is just there for a paycheck?

The 10th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world.

This was the toughest position to choose, really there could be 4 or 5 guys tied for this position, but I needed to choose one and it was Mark “The Hammer” Coleman. Mark Coleman was one of MMA’s pioneers, he established ground and pound as a valid MMA skill. In fact, Mark is still one of the most intense fighters in the game. Unfortunately his submission skills (both offensive and defensive) have not improved enough to be competitive with the top fighters in the world.

The 9th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

Rashad Evans is my pick for fighter number 9. Rashad is still relatively new to the fight game and his natural athletic ability is as good as it gets. With time Rashad will move much closer to the head of the pack, but for now, congratulations Rashad on your success and making it to the list!

The 8th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

Brandon “The Truth” Vera is certainly one of the most exciting heavyweight fighters in the UFC right now and I was tempted to put him in the top 5. However, he needs to beat a more substantial fighter than Frank Mir. While I have the utmost respect for Frank Mir, it’s apparent to me that he’s not the same fighter that he was before his accident. I believe that Brandon will be top 5 on next years list. He’s one quality win away from that (in my eyes).

The 7th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

Tim Silvia is the UFC’s heavyweight champion. Why is he only ranked #7, the only explanation I have is that I’ve never personally met anyone who likes to watch Tim Silvia fight. He keeps on winning, but I’m never impressed with his performances. Sorry Tim, that’s the way it is, you sit at number seven and if you don’t start winning fights in a more crowd pleasing manner, I’m afraid you’ll drop off the top 10 entirely.

The 6th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

It might surprise you that I put former K-1 fighter Mark Hunt in the top 10. It should surprise you that I put him above Tim Silvia, but I have my reasons. Last year Mark Hunt beat Mirko Cro Cop (by a very close decision) and he also held strong with Fedor Emelianenko, even on the ground, in the most recent Pride event.

The 5th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

Josh Barnett is my pick for the 5th best MMA heavyweight fighter in the world. Josh says his style is “pro wrestling”, but don’t mistake his performances as fake. Barnett combines general toughness and strength with much improved stand up and a stellar ground game. His fights are always exciting and often bloody. Josh is a former UFC heavyweight champion with victories over the likes of Randy Couture.

The 4th best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

A year ago I would have put Andrei Arlovski in the top 3, maybe even top 2, but his losses to Tim Silvia have me wondering. I don’t question Andrei’s skills, he’s an excellent stand up fighter with a strong ground game, I do question whether he is afraid of getting hit after losing to Tim Silvia’s by knockout. By the way, that is a fight he should have won, in my opinion Silvia got lucky (but he seems to do that a lot). I’m looking forward to seeing what 2007 has in store for Andrei.

The 3rd best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world

Who in their right mind would argue that Mirko Cro Cop belongs in the top 3 heavyweight fighters in the world? Now that Mirko has joined the UFC it’s clear that Tim Silvia’s days as champion are numbered. Mirko will hold the UFC heavyweight title in 2007, I’d put money on that one. Mirko’s strength is most certainly his striking, including the best high kicks in the business. Victim’s of Cro Cop’s left high kick is a list of MMA royalty…I wonder if he can get that kick 6 foot 7 (Tim Silvia’s height).

The 2rd best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world is none other than Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Nog for short. Nog has faces the absolute best of MMA and the only fighter who has consistently had his number is Fedor. He has beaten Cro Cop and most recently Josh Barnett. He is a talented master of submissions, has good stand up and as shown in his match against Bob Sapp, he is tough as nails and can take a punch.

The best heavyweight fighter in the world is Fedor Emelyanenko. There can be no argument, he’s beaten every other fighter on this list (at least those who’ve faced him). Congrats Fedor, you’re #1!

That’s it, my list of the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the world. Keep watching the fights.

Be a Fighter Pilot (Top Secret)

There are many factors that go into becoming a massively successful real estate investor, and there is one profession in particular that I believe offers an appropriate comparison to the overall skills you need to have in this business, albeit on a slightly different playing field. This comparable profession is a Fighter Pilot. Think about it, Fighter Pilots are the absolute best at what they do. They must go through rigorous tests and training before they “get their wings” so to speak. Not everyone who sets out to become a Fighter Pilot reaches their goal, and that’s because it takes a certain individual to overcome the challenges, and develop the skills required before the government hands over the keys to a multi-million dollar aircraft.

Here is a brief list of some of the skills I think can be shared between a Fighter Pilot and a Real Estate Investor:

o Desire to be the best at what they do
o Willingness to work hard under all circumstances
o Ability to handle pressure very well
o Ability to think and make decisions very quickly
o A love for speed and results
o Having a very strong understanding of the business/aircraft that they are operating.
o Commitment to their business/country
o Always striving to make their skills better
o Have trust in their mentor/wingman
o Display a very high level of confidence in themselves

Obviously this is not all of the comparisons that could be made between a Fighter Pilot and a Real Estate Investor. In fact there are probably hundreds of comparisons that could be made. It is fun though, isn’t it? If you can think of any more then be sure to post your comments in this blog.

Here is one more thing to consider when you compare yourself as a real estate investor to that of a Fighter Pilot. Your workspace (your desk/office/etc) should be very structured and organized, similar to that of the Fighter Pilot’s cockpit that they fly in. What I mean by that is this: When you are working at your desk, in order to be most efficient, and effective without loss of momentum and concentration you need to have everything near you so that you can work quickly. You should know where everything is that helps you work effectively and it should all be within short reach of your chair. When you are in your cockpit you should become focused on accomplishing your goals and tasks for the day. Prioritize your mission for each day and work down the list from most important to least important. You should always be focusing the most effort on the deal that is closes to cash and getting you paid. Always keep this and other deals similar to this on your radar screen.